Warunki korzystania z serwisu

General Decisions
The regulations define the general conditions regarding providing services, general rules of using the portal as well as liability of Abc2go.com. By the fact of using the portal, the user confirms that he/she familiarized himself/herself with the content of the regulations and accepts all its decisions as well as commits to abide by its decisions.

Users’ Rights and Responsibilities
A user is authorized to use the portal Abc2go.com in a way that does not violate federal and state laws, in a way which does not contradict norms of social interactions and good customs, with observance of the intellectual property rights.  Users have full responsibility for entered by them contents, as well as damages created as a result of their behavior, contradictory to above conditions. Electronic services “+ add a classified/ + add a business card” are free of charge for all portal users. Abc2go.com reserves the right to post paid classifieds, as well as paid articles sponsored by the effective force of a separate agreement.  Included in electronic services “+ add a classified/+ add a business card” Abc2go.com enables users to use a form mechanism, allowing placing classifieds, business cards as well as articles, text and form of which are determined by the user. By using the form mechanism, a user states that he/she has the authorization and permission necessary to post a classified, a business card and/or an article legally. Abc2go.com is not responsible for entries created by people who were not authorized to do so.  Abc2go.com states that it does not order, does not commission the preparation, does not perform editorial analysis or pre-publication authorization, it records entries in its own technical infrastructure and makes available for the portal, but reserves its right to remove entries already added, which include expressions commonly believed to be vulgar or offensive, which could violate personal properties of third parties, violate state of federal laws that are in effect, as well as those of  an advertising or crypto-advertising character.

  • A user can send the same classified or a similar type classified no more than once in a  48h period.
  • A user can post a classified only in a one portal’s category, which describes it the most  accurately. Posting a text in an improper category is not   allowed. 
  • A user can post a business card only once.
  • Abc2go.com is intended and designed for users 18 years of age and older, access and use by younger persons is not permitted.


Responsibility of Abc2go.com
Abc2go.com is not responsible for currency, accuracy, completeness of information presented on the portal’s pages, as well as for its usability for specific actions of the users.  Abc2go.com does not guarantee that the use of the portal will have no errors, defects or interruptions, as well as that the data and information on the portal’s pages will meet the user’s expectations in terms of the content, precision or usability of received information , unless such guarantee was specifically and clearly formulated by Abc2go.com. Abc2go.com has no responsibility for any effects of using the information gained through the portal by any user, especially consequences of based on that decisions. Abc2go.com has no liability towards users and third parties, regarding damages, direct and indirect, related to the usage of data and information contained on the pages of the portal Abc2go.com. Abc2go.com is not responsible for contents of advertisement located on the portal’s pages in regards to advertising services, as well as claims of third parties resulting from that. Abc2go.com cautions that using the portal is performed only at the user’s own risk and expense. Abc2go.com has no responsibility for using the portal by any user in a way that contradicts the conditions of the regulations.

Intellectual property rights
Any rights to the contents available on the portal’s pages, including its textual and graphic elements, choice and structure of pages, as well as other elements, are reserved, unless it was clearly stated differently. Copying, modifying or transmitting electronically or in any other way, any part of the portal, in full or partially, for commercial reasons and without prior written consent of Abc2go.com is prohibited. Users, who publish, on the portal’s pages, contents, copyrights of which belong to third parties, take responsibility for receiving a permission from authorized subjects to publish those contents. Users have full responsibility for any damages that result from publishing on the portal’s pages any contents, copyrights of which belong to third parties, without permission of the authorized subjects. Users that publish on the portal’s pages any contents, copyrights of which belong to them, as creators, authorize Abc2go.com to non-exclusively edit, copy and publish those contents and permit other users to use them freely. Editor’s office doesn’t return received texts and reserves the right to refuse to publish them.

Privacy protection
Abc2go.com guarantees to the users of the portal the right to make a choice regarding making the information that applies to them available or not, by accepting or not accepting the regulations. Abc2go.com allows using electronic services “+add a classified/ + add a business card” anonymously. A user using electronic services “+add” gives permission to use the email address, phone number, first and last name entered in the application form as the email, phone number, first and last name, for marketing and informational purposes. The portal also has the right to collect non-personal data, in collaboration with partners, essential for performing those services.
Abc2go.com cautions that it uses cookies, which by saving short textual information in a user’s computer permits his/her identification.  Third parties, by the effective force of a separate agreement, can use cookies on the pages of the portal Abc2go.com.
Abc2go.com collects users’ information only for its own use, which doesn’t exclude usage of cookies by third parties within the portal Abc2go.com.

Personal Data Protection
Abc2go.com is the administrator of users’ personal data, and it processes personal data according to given by the users permission and according to applicable laws. Abc2go.com cautions that in case of notifications related to problems with using the portal Abc2go.com, users will be obligated to provide specified personal data, and Abc2go.com has the right to store copies of such correspondence. Please e-mail all complaints to: abc@abc2go.com.

Final Regulations
Abc2go.com reserves the right to publish advertising contents on the portal’s pages. Abc2go.com reserves the right to solely make changes and modify regulations. Using the services of the portal after the changes to the regulations have been introduced is considered accepting it.

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